Guest Strip 5 by James Turner!- Friday, September 23, 2005
Guest Strip 5 by James Turner!
The FIFTH Toyzville Guest Strip
Posted by Larry September 23, 2005, 00:00 EST
Okay, now HERE it is! James Turner of the very funny Beaver & Steve contributed today's strip! James recently won the 2005 Web Cartoonists' Choice award for Outstanding Newcomer. Beaver & Steve is one of my all-time favorite comics and it helped inspire me to take the plunge. I did a few pieces of fan art for James a while back (check his site) and he liked them enough to reciprocate with THIS very cool Toyzville! Thanks James! What a treat for me and my regular readers.

On Monday, I'll be back in full swing with a new strip, but expect a guest strip on Tuesday! PERHAPS one or two more after my regular Wednesday strip, too...

I sincerely thank all of the contributors who took time from their schedules to honor my little strip and provide this full week's worth of comics. You guys are the best!

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